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Groomingdales now uses Pawgo for online bookings

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Over 100 years of combined grooming experience

Groomingdales was created in 1988 and was one of the first mobile pet grooming services in the South Bay. Our goal is to eliminate the stress on pets. By having the van come to the home, beloved pets are able to relax knowing their house is only a few feet away. It is Groomingdales' mission to give a convenient, top quality pet grooming experience. Personal care, professional service, and customer satisfaction remain our top priority.
By Rich | 90210
Jun 26, 2019

Rita did a great job. Mimi & Issy love Rita.

By McReynolds | 90050
Mar 05, 2019

Connie did a great job on Sunny , our golden who was a mess, we will definitely be using her again

By Christy | 90210
Mar 17, 2019

Tom is awesome! I truly appreciate Tom's patience and care with my cat, Harlow. She can be a bit skittish he made sure she had a great day

Full-service mobile pet grooming from expert groomers

Convenient online booking

Scheduling a professional groomer, at a time that works for you and your pet, is quick and easy with
our booking tool.

Fully-mobile, fully-equipped

We’ll arrive in one of our full-service grooming vans, right to your door! Take the hassle out of traveling to a salon.

Clean, happy and healthy pets

Whether it’s a full groom or just a nail trim, we provide the service that fits your furry friend’s needs.

All of the offerings of a pet salon, right at your doorstep

Bath & Tidy

Approx 1 hr: Includes a bath, blow dry, nail clipping, ear cleaning and teeth brushing.

Full Groom

Approx: 1.5 hr: Includes Trim, Bath & Tidy, Teeth Cleaning and anal gland expression.

Service Call

A quick 30-45 minute call: A la carte or non-grooming services such as flea and tick treatment. Additional services include Scissor Finish, Nail Trimming, Teeth Brushing, and Medicated Shampoo.

Experience the benefits of mobile grooming with Groomingdales

More convenience

Quickly and easily schedule
a time that works for you
with our online booking tool.
We’ll take care of the rest. Our talented groomers will come right to your doorstep.

Less stress

Convenient for busy pet lovers and easier on your pet. No more stressful trips to and from the groomer. No more sitting in a kennel all day, no more listening to loud dryers or barking dogs.

Happier pets

Every pet gets one on one attention with the groomer without interruption. No ringing phones or customers walking in to distract from the attention and care your pet deserves.

Our fleet of grooming vans bring quality salon services right to you

Our fully insured grooming vans are equipped with hot and cold water for comfortable temperature bathing, a grooming table, full size tub, separate self-contained fresh and waste water tanks, air conditioning, force dryers, and a vacuum system. 
We pride ourselves in keeping a well-maintained and clean fleet of grooming vans.

Professional Groomer?

We use Petista. Instant Payouts. Flexible Schedules.
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